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Hello,  Thank you for visiting my website.  I love photography, art, theatre, and graphic design.  It is always fun to learn something new.  Creativity keeps the heart young.

I fell in love with graphic design when I worked for a print media marketing company.  I was a staff supporter in the production art department.  I learned how to lay out text for postcards, bulletins and banners.

For years I used programs like MS Publisher, and the free photo editing software that came with my PC.  Finally, I bit the bullet and purchased  a subscription to Adobe Creative Suite.   I am having fun re-drawing some of my hand-drawn art work. 

Please come back to visit my page.  I hope to add a design portfolio soon.
It would be fun to work with you on a special project. For now, my design work will be featured on  You can view my Fine Art Photography on or just click the gallery link in the header tabs.

Sharon L. Lavoie

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