Sharon L Lavoie

Freelance Photograpner
[email protected]

Sharon Lavoie is a mother and a grandmother with a free flowing creative spirit.  She began to explore photography with a little hp point and shoot camera and purchased her first dslr about a year or two later.

She was photographing a family reunion at the bay.  Her grandson was feeding the ducks.  It was the golden hour.  When she look at the image at home, it seemed to her this image would look great as a painting.  With a little photo-editing magic, she created the print image affectionately named "Micheal".   Today, she has a handsome collection of fine art prints carefully edited to look like paintings.  

You can purchase prints, greeting cards, and iphone cases featuring her work at

Sharon has also shot several stage productions, family portraits and professional headshots.  She has a background in community theatre, print media and building resumes.  She can shoot your headshots, design your postcards, and help you with your social media.  Every shoot and every project is unique.  Rather than post rates online, Sharon prefers to offer you a private consultation.  Contact Sharon today to schedule your next headshot session soon!

Sharon L. Lavoie, Fine Art Photographer

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Oceanside, CA  92049


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